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OTC’20 Archives

We experienced an incredible attendance at OTC’20’s virtual conference – thank you for your participation!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Keynote – Planning for the Unexpected: Instruction Front & Center
The CVC-OEI Rubric and High Quality, Inclusive Teaching
Accessibility Evaluation Tools for Canvas Courses
Advanced Techniques with Canvas: Spicing up Content Pages
State of Distance Education in California Community Colleges
Developing Fully Online Career Programs: A Guided Pathways Perspective
Common Online Instructor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
A Wake-up Call: Engaging Students with Phone-friendly Classes
Using Online Support Tools to Create Inclusive Online Learning Environments
Authentic Accessible On-line Biology Laboratory Experiences
The Art of the Module: Creating with the OEI Rubric Section A
Is your Test Fair? Equity and Assessment in Online Learning

Friday, June 19, 2020

POW-erpoints that POP!
UDL, SLO, OEP – The Alphabet Soup of Good Course Design
Zero Textbook Cost Degrees: Past, Present, and Future
Steps to Building Effective and Accessible Course Design
Gaming Your Online Class for Student Engagement
Rigor through Empathy: Becoming a Warm Demander
Leading the Way: Improving Online Support for all Students
The Impact of COVID-19 on IT Operations
Honoring Student Voices Online: Maximizing Canvas for Student Engagement
Who’s Going to Catch Me? Modeling Digital Ethics and Literacy
Teaching Languages Online: A Communicative Approach Using Storytelling and Conversations in the Cloud

*Although we anticipated being able to provide an archive for all sessions, please note that due to unforeseeable reasons, recordings to some/all conference sessions may not be available.

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