June 21-23, 2023
Long Beach, CA



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Keynote Announced!
Dr. Jonathan Brennan, an acclaimed faculty member at Mission College (CA), author, an active member of multiple education-based committees and groups, will explore the use of artificial intelligence (ChatGPT and others) in online education, its current effects and anticipated future effects on all of us.
Dr. Brennan’s bio can be found here.

Making Continuous Improvement a Best Practice for Online Teaching & Learning: Part Deux
Introducing Mesa’s Online Success Team
Peer Mentoring to Support Online Excellence
Implementing Instructional Design Principles that Enhance Equitable Educational Opportunities in an Online Course
Collaborating to create equitable student access and success with innovative HyFlex instruction
Campfires in hyperspace: Exploring primordial metaphors in multimodal learning spaces
The leadership trait and practices that will boost your staff’s morale and lead them to follow you
Joyful Leadership: Applying Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness to your life and your work
Creating Online Paths to Degrees Within and Across Campuses
CVC Town Hall
Technology Innovation
Digital Whiteboard Inside Out
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Enhance Student Writing and Online Course Delivery
Reimagining Online Discussions in the Era of AI
The Zoom Powered Student Information Desk (SID)
Anonymous Students: Technology for Teaching Reluctant Students
Robo-Rescue for Educators: How ChatGPT can Give you Back Your Time and Transform Your Online Course Development
Integrating the UDL Principle of Engagement to Enhance Asynchronous Online Participation
Harnessing the power of Augmented Reality for online learning
To Trust or Not To Trust, That is the Canvas Question
Using Camtasia to Create Engaging Course Videos
Effective Online Teaching Practices
The Liquid Syllabus: Exploring Its Adoption & Impact on Students
ChatGPT: A Look Under the Hood
Local POCR: What It Is, Why It’s Worth Doing, and How to Make It Easier
Strategies for eIntegrity
Communication! Tips for building strategies that reflect Andragogy in your online class.
Mentoring Student Research: embracing chatGPT, Wikipedia and JASP
Discussion and Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Your Asynchronous Online Classes
Enhancing Learning with Embedded Quizzes in Lecture Videos
Improving Online Course Quality through Self Review
Accessibility Non-Negotiables in Online Course Design
Innovative Methods to Engage & Educate: Microlectures and Pecha Kucha
Fostering Teaching and Social Presence through Engaging Online Activities
Canvas New Quizzes
Get Wild! Creating immersive faculty training using game elements
Video creation- From amateur to pro
Sing, Draw, and Dance Your Final Exam: Using the Performing Arts in the Online Classroom
Meaningful Online Learning in Higher Education: Reflections and Resources
Kickstart the POCR Process with Templates
Mind Your P’s and SPQR’s: Strategies for Online Linguistic Acquisition
Creating Effective and Engaging Hybrid Learning Environments
Online Instruction for Real-World Solutions
The Metacognitive Files: Faculty Reflections of Online Teaching
Effective Methods in Online Literature Courses
Support and Resources
Using Course Pacing to Increase Completion of Self-Paced Courses
How Chaffey Transformed their Textbooks!: A Case Study
Getting the MOST out of the CVC-OEI rubric with Cohorts
Collaborating Across Colleges to Equitably Scale OER
Lessons learned from an Office of Civil Rights accessibility audit
Understanding and Leveraging the Vision Resource Center
Beyond Grading: Bite-sized Faculty Development for Innovative Uses for Quizzes in Online and Blended Education
Backwards Storyboarding – The Lectures that actually get watched!
Don’t Fold: Overcome Challenges and Create a Thriving POCR Club
Equity in Online Learning
Principles of grading and grading strategies
Using Peralta Online Equity Rubric in your Online Course Design
Getting to the “heart” of college-wide student training: How to successfully onboard online learners by empowering their voices
Top Tips for Student-Friendly Courses: An Instructional Design Perspective
ACED IT! ADA Compliance and Equitable Delivery with Instructional Technology
Facilitating Note-Taking Accommodations in Online Classes
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Developing a Holistic (Un)Grading Rubric
First Impressions: Assessing & Rewriting Syllabi for Inclusivity
The Four Agreements: Effective Online Communication & Community Cohesion
Open for Antiracism: Using Open Education to Support Antiracist Classrooms
“From Sad to Rad: Microsoft Sway for Accessible Presentations”
Let them speak: Partnering with students to create equitable assessments
Experience Equals Valuable Perspective: Discussing Ageism in CCC’s
Using Canvas Studio to Create a Plethora of Course Videos
Engaging Online Students in Health Care Inequities: lenses to enlighten, levers to empower
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