June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

A Wake-up Call: Engaging Students with Phone-friendly Classes

Thursday June 18th, 2020 at 1:20 pm - 2:10 pm


Presenter: Carolyn Brown

Description: For the past 5 or so years I have focused on understanding smartphone use in my online classes. Despite the stereotype of being a distraction, or abetting cheating, their phone is quickly becoming the student’s most important learning asset. Smartphones and data networks are ubiquitous and students, like the rest of us, have a phone with them all the time. This creates a plethora of opportunities for engaging students with instructional content, as well as obstacles where traditional online delivery needs to be reimagined. To successfully integrate learning into the life-style of the smartphone user, instructors, instructional designers, and administrators need to think phone-first for course design and delivery. Doing so will maximize learning while improving student perception of online courses and increasing online learning satisfaction.

I will share qualitative and quantitative data for smartphone use from student surveys and interviews. As well as my personal experiences with the relationship of smartphones and online teaching, which include developing classes that are phone-friendly, teaching from my phone, and taking classes on my phone.

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