June 21-23, 2023
Long Beach, CA

Pre-conference workshops & DECO Retreat

Pre-conference workshops will take place Wednesday, June 21st from 9am-12pm and were available at an additional fee of $149 each. ‘Pre-conference workshops’ are different from ‘conference sessions’ in that ‘workshops’ are longer (3hrs), require a separate registration at an additional fee and are limited in the number of attendees to allow for more hands-on instruction and interaction. Pre-conference workshops are not archived.

The DECO Retreat will take place Wednesday, June 21st from 10:00am-1:00pm.

(Please note:  Registration for the OTC conference is not required to attend the pre-conference workshops or the DECO Retreat.) 


Distance Education Coordinators Organization – Annual Retreat
Wednesday, June 21st from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Distance Education Coordinators Retreat is hosted by the CCC Distance Education Coordinators Organization (CCC DECO) and is part of the pre-conference activities of the Online Teaching Conference. Cost to attend the retreat is $50 and includes membership to DECO (July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024,) and lunch at the event.

Register for the Retreat at OTC here

If you have any questions, please contact deco@cccdeco.org

Workshop Schedule | Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 9am-12pm | Price: $149.00 per Workshop

No More Boring! How to Create Canvas Pages that Zing with Visual Appeal
Presented by: Helen Graves, Instructional Designer, Foothill College

While the quality of your instructional content is arguably the most important aspect of your course, there’s no denying that the visual appeal (or not) can make a huge difference in student engagement and learning. It’s easier than you might think to create attractive and compelling pages in Canvas with just a free Canva account and a little know-how in using HTML. In this very hands-on workshop, we’ll demystify the basics of HTML to create elements like callout boxes, image borders, heading backgrounds and tabs. We’ll also get you started in Canva to easily create inviting images, banners, and infographics.


  1. Identify basic elements of HTML
  2. Use HTML code (provided) to create an attractive page layout
  3. Develop a banner and/or image using Canva

Workshop Level: Intermediate
Max Attendees: 30
Bring your own laptop



Moving STEM Courses Online
Presented by: Bob Nash, Dean of Academic Affairs & Professional Development, CVC-OEI  & Faculty Facilitators: TBD

Online STEM classes (especially transferable math and science lab courses) continue to be among the most frequent student searches in the CVC Exchange. Colleges and faculty that can create high-quality, transferable STEM courses online stand to improve enrollment as they meet a strong student need, both locally and statewide. In this session, STEM instructors who teach online will share how they design, develop, and deliver their courses–addressing issues such as hands-on work, academic honesty, and accessibility along the way. Much of this workshop’s learning will be conducted in discipline-based break-out groups.


  1. Recognize the statewide student demand/need for online STEM classes
  2. Discuss the transferability of online STEM courses
  3. Describe several strategies and applications that faculty can use to move STEM classes online

Workshop Level: All
Max Attendees:  30

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Create Accessible Online Course Content
Presented by:
Christine Fundell, 508 Program Manager, CCC Accessibility Center
Stephen Marositz, 504 Program Manager, CCC Accessibility Center
Elisa Carrillo, Digital Content Accessibility Specialist, CCC Accessibility Center
Lauren Miller, Assistive Technology and Alt Media Specialist, CCC Accessibility Center
Avi Advani, Web Accessibility Specialist, CCC Accessibility Center

The CCC Accessibility Center (CCCAC) offers a variety of training opportunities, services, tools, and resources that can help ensure all students have equitable access to online course content. Join us to learn how the Accessibility Center is structured to support college efforts with both accommodations (Section 504) and proactive accessibility (Section 508) efforts. Participants will learn how the Accessibility Center’s training, services, tools, and resources can be used for developing and delivering online content within the Canvas Learning Management System. Live, in-depth demonstrations of the following solutions will be provided: SHIRE (caption creation), Equidox (document remediation), Grackle (Google Suite accessibility), Sensus Access (document conversion), and the Pope Tech Canvas Instructor Accessibility Guide (Canvas page accessibility).


  1. Articulate differences between proactive accessibility and accommodations with respect to online course considerations for students with disabilities.
  2. Identify training, services, tools, and other resources offered by the Accessibility Center in support of accessibility efforts.
  3. Understand how each tool presented can help address accessibility requirements in online courses

Workshop Level: All
Max Attendees: 40
Bring your own laptop

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Managing Regulatory Compliance for Interstate Distance Education, Employment, Internships, Plus More!
Presented by:
Cheryl Dowd, Senior Director, SAN & WCET Policy Innovations, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies
Jana Walser-Smith, Director, Interstate Compliance & SAN Member Outreach, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies
Erin Larson, Specialist Equitable Student Learning, Experience and Impact Office Educational Services & Support Division, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Institution faculty and staff are often surprised by the institutional responsibilities that must be met when the activities of an institution occur outside of California. Any activity that occurs in another state is subject to the oversight of the state where the activity occurs including employment and academic related activities. States may impose requirements for oversight of institutions offering online courses, experiential learning including stemming from a face-to-face course in California. Programs that lead to a license or certification are also subject to state and federal compliance requirements that will be identified for the attendees. Military students are not necessarily exempt if they are posted in another state while participating in activities outside of California.

Additionally, some states require institutions that offer education or have employees working in their state to register with the State Secretary of State, Treasury, or Department of Revenue in that state. This workshop will breakdown these responsibilities with compliance implementation strategies discussed and resources shared. As all California Community Colleges are members of the State Authorization Network (SAN), attendees will be informed of the support that can be provided by SAN for institutions to develop a strong compliance plan. Additionally, we will share the ambitious U.S. Department of Education plans to develop new and revised regulations for which compliance is tied to Title IV Federal Financial Aid.


  1. Understand the institutional compliance state requirements when ANY academic or employment related activity of the institution occurs in another state.
  2. Understand federal regulations to provide Title IV Aid and Veterans Benefits that are tied to state compliance.
  3. Awareness of resources available to learn and share with other institution colleagues the compliance requirements and tools available to support the development of a compliance management plan.

Workshop Level: All
Max Attendees: 50
Bring your own electronic device, (could be phone/iPad/laptop to their comfort level), as we will be showing and working with website resources

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Advanced Techniques with Canvas
Presented by:
Greg Beyrer, Cosumnes River College
Jena Trench, Professor of Biology, Cosumnes River College

Are you ready to explore additional features and tools in Canvas? How we present content, support the learning communities in our classes, and assess student learning can all be done more in depth. And there is a world of possibilities built into the system and in the communities of practice that we can access. At this workshop you will learn how to bring pizzazz to the Rich Content Editor, make effective use of tools for groups and peer review, explore the use of rubrics and outcomes to make assessment more meaningful, and step beyond the browser and explore add-ons and feature previews. Bring a laptop and your interest to see what else is possible outside of the ordinary usage of this learning management system.


  1. Add meaning to assessment using Outcomes, Rubrics, and Assignment Groups
  2. Develop space in Canvas that supports regular and substantive interaction among students
  3. Bring visual spice to the Rich Content Editor using advanced HTML techniques
  4. Extend your use of Canvas beyond the browser to support a more effective learning environment

Workshop Level: All
Max Attendees: 30
Bring your own laptop

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Add interactivity to your videos!
Alexis Canas, Customer Success Managers, WeVideo (PlayPosit)
Justin Colvin, Customer Success Manager, WeVideo (PlayPosit)

TechConnect has partnered with PlayPosit, an instructional design studio platform, to give faculty the ability to add interactivity to the timeline of their videos for enhanced class assignments, interactive discussion-based lectures, homework problem sets and more AT NO CHARGE TO THEM. Use interactivity in videos to assess student learning with questions, feedback sites, practice websites and layers of data.  Every student watches the same video and answers predetermined questions. Students can receive immediate feedback, grades, types in notes, comments and participate in discussion forums.  Best of all – everything is integrated in Canvas. Attend this pre-conference workshop and learn how to access and use PlayPosit in Canvas and build interactive learning objects.


  1. Understand the added value of PlayPosit Instructional Design studio to 3C Media and other content.
  2. Explore use cases of interactive video learning objects across content areas.
  3. Understand how to access PlayPosit in Canvas and build interactive learning objects.

Workshop Level: All
Max Attendees: 50
Bring your own laptop

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