June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Sue Germer

Sue Germer, Co-founder of PlayPosit, graduated from the University of Chicago and Stanford Law School. She practiced law for several years before joining the Teach For America corps and focusing her life and career on educational access and equity. While in the corps and after, Sue’s struggles to personalize learning for her students prompted her and her fellow instructor, Ben Levy, to create PlayPosit and solve that problem. With PlayPosit, Sue and Ben afforded personalized learning to their students asynchronously and synchronously with high-quality analytics to assist them in evaluating the effectiveness of their instruction. Over 10 years, Sue built the current partnership base for PlayPosit which includes 100’s of districts, universities, companies, and colleges that prioritize the quality of their learning experiences for their staff, instructors, students, and community. Today, she continues to drive PlayPosit’s growth and evolution, ensuring that the company meets the needs and vision of its current and future partners.

Sue Germer



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