June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Using interactive video to spark curiosity, and build learner autonomy

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Presented by: Julie Gamberg, Faculty, Glendale College

Speaker Bio:

Julie Gamberg teaches contextualized English composition and humanities fully online at Glendale College. She is passionate about equitable and humanized online instruction, OER, and collaborating with awesome colleagues. She also works as a lead reviewer and course facilitator for @ONE.

Session Info:

Research supports the importance of student autonomy and intrinsic motivation to deep and transferable learning. Although many of us post videos in our online courses, we may be missing a valuable opportunity to engage students’ sense of wonder, curiosity, and autonomy through interactive video with an emphasis on ungraded interactions. In this session, I will show you how to take videos that are already in your courses such as instructor-created videos or OER content/videos you find on YouTube (Ted Talks, etc.), and add interactive elements, such as “Easter Egg” surprises, ungraded optional pop-ups, and inquiry-based pauses to increase learner engagement and spark inquiry. We will use PlayPosit, a tool embedded in Canvas that all California community college faculty have access to via a grant from CCC TechConnect. We will end the session with a goody bag from PlayPosit instructional designer Brady Venables, of easy-to-use step-by-step demonstrations to implement these ideas! All of the recommendations are available free of cost to CCC faculty.

Session Outcomes:

  • Apply principles of asynchronous learning and content-design related to student agency, inquiry, and sense of curiosity and wonder to interactive video learning objects.
  • Apply equitable grading assessment research to the creation of ungraded interactive video interactions.
  • Utilize supplied PlayPosit interactive video models and technical knowledge of the PlayPosit interactive video platform.

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