June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Sharpen Your Skills with Vision Resource Center Tools

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Presented by: Alejandra Navarro, Senior Communications Specialist and Engagement Lead, Vision Resource Center

Speaker Bio:

Alejandra Navarro oversees the engagement team for the Vision Resource Center, the online professional development learning and collaboration platform for the California Community Colleges. Alejandra supports the promotion and use of the Vision Resource Center resources and tools, including online communities, training and events calendar. A former journalist and college director of communications, she has expertise in strategic communications and marketing, specifically in higher education. She earned a bachelor’s degree from U.C. San Diego, a master’s degrees from Columbia University and a master’s degree from Quinnipiac University.

Session Info:

In this presentation, faculty, staff and college leaders will gain a better understanding of the Vision Resource Center and its features, resources and tools to sharpen their online teaching expertise, collaborate with professionals from across the state, and find more professional development opportunities throughout the year. The Vision Resource Center is an online learning and communication platform that offers all California community college employees equitable access to professional development opportunities and complements the CCC Tech Connect resources.

Participants will get a demonstration exploring the more than 10,000 learning modules in the Vision Resource Center, including online teaching. Learning module topics include Canvas, instructional design and digital literacy, as well as important college issues, such as AB 507, accessibility and diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants will also learn about the communities in the Vision Resource Center, where professionals from across the state can share resources, promote best practices, spark discussions among college professionals and continue the conversations that start at the TechConnect Online Teaching Conference. Communities of interest for online teaching include “Distance Education Coordinators,” “Faculty” and “Instructional Designers/Support for Teaching and Learning.” The demonstration will include a tour of the Systemwide Events Calendar, which promotes professional development events.

Session Outcomes:

  • Access content in the Vision Resource Center that can build expertise in online teaching faculty goals.
  • Join at least one community that provides access to professionals from across the state to share promising practices.
  • Find professional development events that will advance online teaching skills and support student success.

Session Resources:

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