June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

CCC TechConnect Zoom Changes Coming in August 2022 for Everyone!

All Audiences

Presented by:

  • Mirla Garcia, Data Base Analyst, CCC TechConnect
  • Donna Gustafson, Senior Media Helpdesk Specialist, CCC TechConnect

Speaker Bios:

  • Mirla Garcia is a member of the CCC TechConnect team from its inception 21 years ago. As a database analyst, Mirla analyzes statistics of the CCC TechConnect projects usage. Mirla is responsible for the configuration and support of TechConnect’s Cloud and Zoom products, including Student Connect to Canvas integrations with your college’s Canvas administrator. She manages improvement and enhancement projects related to these services as well.
  • Donna has been with the project for 20 years, and is devoted to excellent service and customer care for CCC TechConnect clients. She assists faculty, staff and administrators throughout the California Community Colleges System in support of CCC Tech Connect projects. She resolves technical issues with CCC TechConnect programs and services, develops support documentation and training, tracks user help requests and trends to ensure quality customer service. She also conducts orientation workshops and training sessions for using ConferZoom in online classes and meetings.

Session Info:

CCC TechConnect Zoom is focused on providing our colleges with the best service and support to all users.  As part of our ongoing efforts, we will be optimizing the network for better performance which require Districts move to a District Zoom account.  This session will present an overview of the changes to expect for all employees, a live demonstration of the new tools in Canvas for faculty, and opportunities for your questions and our answers.

Faculty will experience new and exciting changes when scheduling classes through Canvas.  ‘TechConnect Zoom’ will replace ‘ConferZoom’ and ‘Student Connect’ will replace ‘Appointment Booking’ for offering 1:1 appointment slots for students.   The new tools are easy to transition to on
day one!  Recordings download faster for student access.

Staff and Administrators will continue to use Zoom as they do today.

Note: Your District may already be in a District Zoom account and will not be affected; if you are faculty,
you will know because you are now using TechConnect Zoom in Canvas.

Session Outcome

  • Learn how the new changes will affect you.
  • See a live demonstration of new TechConnect Zoom tool and how easy and intuitive it is
    for faculty and students.
  • Learn about the benefits these changes bring to your classes and meetings.
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