June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Accessibility Basics through Practical Application in Canvas – Workshop

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 | 9am-12pm

Registration Fee:  $100

Presented by: Dawn Okinaka, Director of CCC Accessibility Center, CCC Technology Center & TBD
Workshop Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Max Attendees: 50
Bring your own laptop.

Designing with accessibility in mind will help all of our students be successful in a course, and employees be successful in their jobs. As an extra benefit, adding usability features gives ALL students the opportunity to learn more effectively, and increases job satisfaction for faculty and staff. Take this training on essential accessibility basic concepts that can be used in other authoring applications such as Canvas, Word, and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Participants will learn how to determine the best format for delivering content (should it remain as a PDF, in a Word Doc, or a Canvas page?), explain how formatting impacts assistive technologies’ ability to access and interpret information, utilize the Rich Content Editor to properly format content pages, and provide accessible instructional video materials.


    1. What Why and How of basic concepts of Accessibility.
    2. Using Canvas you will learn to incorporate and use the Section 508 Accessibility rules as it applies to: Headings/Styles, Lists, Links, Images, Tables, and Color Contrast.
    3. Tools of the trade: Accessibility checkers that can be used within Canvas.
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