June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Jory Hadsell, Ed.D.

Dr. Jory Hadsell currently serves as the Executive Director of the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative.  The CVC-OEI is a state-wide initiative to assist students in accelerating completion of their educational goals by increasing access to high-quality online courses, degrees and certificates offered by the California Community Colleges (CCC). The CVC-OEI represents a comprehensive and collaborative online education ecosystem that supports faculty in leveraging effective instructional practices and coordinates student access to shared technology platforms, including providing CCC students with access to the robust state-wide inventory of online CCC courses and programs across California. Dr. Hadsell has previously served as a chief academic officer, tenured faculty, director, and support roles at several colleges and as a state-wide leader.

Jory Hadsell, Ed.D.

Executive Director

California Community Colleges Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative

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