June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Using Tech to Nurture and Engage Students Online

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Presented by: Kim Saccio, Assistive Technology Specialist, Skyline College

Speaker Bio:

Kim has been Assistive Computer Technology Specialist for the Skyline College Educational Access Center (in San Bruno, CA), for the past five years. She is currently serving as adjunct faculty in that capacity, as well as Accessibility Specialist for the ASCCC. In addition to working with students one-on-one, she teaches online classes in educational technology as well as serving as an Online Peer Mentor for the Skyline Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning. Kim is an @ONE Peer Online Course Reviewer and holds an MA in Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning from the University of San Francisco.

Session Info:

This session will focus on using tech to teach to the affective domain, which supports four of the Student Success factors that the RP Group identified in its study of California community college students. We will begin by focusing on the Student Success factors Valued, Connected, Engaged, and Nurtured. After sharing my thoughts on teaching to the affective domain, I will offer guidelines for selecting tech, then dive into software and strategies. The technologies discussed will include Canvas and Zoom, both of which are provided to California community colleges, as well as free software. Session participants will be invited to take part in interactive demonstrations and to share their own practices.

Session Outcomes:

• Identify technologies that nurture and engage online learners.
• Know how to access technologies that support student success online.
• Describe strategies for using technologies to nurture and engage students online.

Session Resources:

Using tech to Nurture SACCIO

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