June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Quick Tips for Online Success: Porterville College’s Journey from Chaos to a Mainstay of Professional Development

Support and Resources
All Audiences

Quick Tips for Online Success is a webinar series that started in June 2020 as an informal way for faculty to learn from a group of familiar faces. Though the move to online education was daunting, we found that professional development to support teachers in making that transition didn’t have to be. Together, the Quick Tips team explored the shift online to hybrid and hyflex formats to a disjointed and confusing return to campus (for some) and the series offered not only an avenue to discuss andragogy, but a way to connect in a time when many of us feel isolated. Join four professors as they discuss their innovative web series, Quick Tips for Online Success, which draws from experienced online instructors’ best practices and aims to help struggling faculty keep the human elements of the face-to-face class in a virtual setting. The webinar series was developed for faculty by faculty. The presenters will share tips for developing a similar project as well as offer the resources their team has compiled.

Session Outcomes:

  • Capitalize on our success with Quick Tips for Online Success and design a similar form of professional development on their own campuses.
  • Describe the obstacles we faced in starting and continuing our series in order to overcome them.
  • Access resources on a variety of topics that are applicable to every discipline.
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