June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Person Up: A Model of Individualized and Scaleable Professional Development

Effective Practices
All Audiences

The Person Up fellowship was launched in the spring of 2021 to offer a highly-individualized and scalable model of instructional design at Bakersfield College. In this fellowship, faculty were paired with an instructional designer to create a high-quality course shell that could be shared with colleagues in their department. This model of instructional design allowed limited Academic Technology staff at Bakersfield College to provide meaningful professional development to individual faculty. This professional development became scalable as Person Up fellows used this professional development to guide faculty in their department in implementing the course shell in their own teaching. To empower faculty in equity-minded course design, eight foundational principles of “equity and inclusion by design” (Presidents Forum, 2020) guided the redesign of courses in the fellowship. These eight foundational principles meant that courses were: modular, mobile-friendly, visually-appealing, humanized, equity-minded, mostly OER, badged, and data-based. 27 credit courses and 12 non-credit courses were designed between Spring 2021 and Fall 2021.

This interactive session will offer insight into both the student, faculty, and administrative perspective of this fellowship. First, we will present the student perspective by sharing survey data exploring the experience of students taking Person Up courses. Second, we will share the faculty perspective through a virtual gallery walk in which participants can watch short 60-second videos in which faculty highlight their major takeaways from this fellowship. Finally, we will attend to the administrative perspective by exploring large-scale impacts of this fellowship on the campus community and culture.

Session Outcomes:

• Understand student, faculty, and administrative perspectives of the Person Up fellowship.
• Identify equity-minded course design strategies they can enact on their campus after completing a virtual gallery walk.

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