June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Online Learning Student Toolbox

Support and Resources
All Audiences

Presented by: Nicole Avina, Student Success Technology, Program Manager, Bakersfield College

Speaker Bio:

I have earned 7 years of experience supporting community college faculty, staff, and students with online education. From technology support, to distance education coordinating, and now program coordinating, so many valuable lessons have been learned along the way. I enjoy sharing the lessons I have learned and how to work smarter in this ever-changing field of educating students. Join me for tricks of the trade and priceless resources that you will be able to add to your artillery of tools used to educate our future.

Session Info:

What happens at the beginning of the semester, when all of your students want to know how to use the technology provided to them by your community college? How Many times will you have to respond to the same question? How long will students end up waiting for a response? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a well prepared Online Learning Student Support Toolbox they could explore as soon as they had some of these questions?

Planning ahead is what this training is all about; however, I have done the planning for you. The plan, is a plan for robust student technology support. This support will be found in a well prepared toolbox available to students at the time they need it. This toolbox includes a variety of commonly asked questions and easy to follow steps to resolution. These questions answered for students start with familiarizing oneself with Canvas features and go all the way to how to record media for assignment submissions. So, what’s so special about these resources? They are ADA compliant, easy to follow, and include quick how to videos. This form of support speaks to all learners as it provides the answers to student questions in many engaging ways. Students can read a plain list of steps, watch a quick video showing the steps, or follow an engaging flyer with steps and images. In today’s time, community colleges are inundated with student confusion and questions that are time sensitive. This planned support helps reduce the number of confused students, assists faculty in supporting many students at a time, and assures students that we care about their success.

Session Outcomes:

  • Provide support to their students with over 30 frequently asked questions related to online learning in Canvas.
  • Orient students to 8 important Canvas features that will aid in their success in the online class.
  • Download the Online learning support module to their Canvas instance and add to it as they need for continued use.

Session Resources:


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