June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Make Humanized Your Modality

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As we have gone through the last few years of uncertainty, anxiety, and resulting exhaustion, the need for creating learning experiences that are more humanized and inclusive has become ever-critical. Many faculty, staff, and students are at or near the breaking point, particularly through prolonged toggling of situations and modalities. We may or may not be settling into a new normal by the time of this conference. The current debate among administrators and faculty across much of higher education is focused on modality of instruction from a technical or platform perspective. There is often debate – still – about whether online education can be effective or which format is best. While we can undoubtedly cite ample evidence that online can be equal-or-better than on-ground, the real focus comes down to making the teaching and learning experience a humanized one. Creating a more humanizing experience for students establishes a sense of care and community that will inspire and enable more to be successful – without lowering outcomes.

This interactive session will provide participants with multiple ideas, examples, and open access resources to easily create more effective online learning experiences for students. This includes aspects such as effectively welcoming, appropriate tone, creating sense of belonging, humanizing, learner connectedness, and inclusivity.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explain how critical humanized learning is for students and how it is a significant strategy for teaching effectiveness and inclusivity efforts.
  • Access the Purposeful Learning Framework as a means to inform course design and delivery to be more humanized and inclusive.
  • Adopt or adapt session resources for creating more humanized course elements and experiences.
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