June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Fostering Inclusion & Achieving Equity through Humanized Online STEM Courses

All Audiences

Studies show that racial and gender equity gaps are worse in STEM than other disciplines. Incorporating inclusive teaching practices into online courses is essential to supporting equity for all students and is particularly important in STEM courses. Humanizing is a model of culturally responsive and trauma-informed online teaching that ensures students experience the flexibility of online learning with a caring, engaged instructor who holds all students to high expectations.

In this session, you’ll hear from STEM faculty who completed a 6-week inclusive online teaching program, the Humanizing Online STEM Academy, and humanized their online courses. You will receive a trove of grant-funded, open educational resources in support of humanizing. This includes the curriculum for the Humanizing Online STEM Academy (in the form of a Canvas export file), which your college can adopt and facilitate, as well as preliminary research findings about how the Academy impacted STEM faculty and online student experiences, and more. Come on in! There’s plenty of room. Join the growing #HumanizingOnlineSTEM community!

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore preliminary research findings about the impact of humanized online teaching on STEM faculty and students.
  • Reflect on the experiences of STEM faculty who completed an inclusive online teaching program and humanized their online courses.
  • Access a collection of free, openly-shared, grant-funded resources intended to foster greater adoption of equitable online teaching practices in STEM.
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