June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Faculty Mentorship through POCR Academies

Leadership and Administration
All Audiences

Presented by:

  • Angela Cardinale, Online Education Coordinator, Chaffey College
  • Leona Fisher, Professor, English, Chaffey College
  • Naomi McCool, Associate Professor, Sociology, Chaffey College

Speaker Bios:

  • Angela Cardinale serves as the Distance Education Coordinator at Chaffey College, where she provides leadership, training, and support in online teaching, learning, innovation, and student support. She has also taught English online at Chaffey for sixteen years.
  • Leona Fisher is a professor of English at Chaffey College who has been teaching online for nearly twenty years. She’s participated in the POCR process at Chaffey as a reviewer and is working on aligning two of her literature courses.
  • Naomi McCool has taught Sociology at Chaffey College for over a decade, with six years of experience teaching online. She is a POCR Mentor who has peer reviewed courses and co-facilitated POCR Academies.

Session Info:

In early 2021, Chaffey launched monthly, paid, three-day/twelve-hour POCR Academies for faculty in order to scale POCR and increase course quality and student success and retention. In each monthly POCR Academy, a small group of faculty have the opportunity to learn about and practice applying the CVC rubric to their own course materials, with mentorship and support from colleagues. The goals for these academies have been to familiarize faculty with the rubric and local POCR processes, encourage them to align their courses, increase overall course quality, familiarize them with the resources on campus for both students and faculty, and give faculty a supportive environment in which they might work towards improving their courses. Although the number of faculty with aligned courses remains small at our college, there have been a number of positive outcomes and participation in the academies remains high.

The goals for this session would be to share how we secured institutional support for POCR Academies, review how we promote and lead POCR Academies, share positive outcomes and challenges, and discuss ways in which other institutions might use this model to achieve similar positive outcomes. We will share our resources and leave time for Q and A.

Session Outcomes:

  • Identify ways to promote and engage faculty in POCR process.
  • Learn how to implement the POCR Academy model at their institutions.
  • Identify ways to secure institutional funding and/or support for POCR initiatives

Session Resources:

FacultyMentorshipThrough pocr CARDINALE

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