June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Equitable Grading Strategies for Online Teaching


What do grades really measure? Is there a more accurate indicator of our students’ skills and abilities? The traditional grading system used in higher education in the U.S. is often more a measure of privilege or personality than of learning. It also creates a competitive, chilly course climate that can undermine efforts to build community with students and positions instructors as gatekeepers, as opposed to partners.

In this session, we will introduce alternative strategies for indicating student learning that are more equitable, more accurate, and more effectively promote student agency and motivation. We will also discuss some simple changes instructors can make to their syllabus policies and course design that can increase grading equity and student engagement with the learning process. Please bring your syllabus to use in an interactive activity.

Session Outcomes:

  • Investigate traditional grading as a source of power that privileges some students and leaves others out.
  • Reflect on your current grading practices and grading strategies that can make your course more equitable.
  • Further your knowledge of this topic by registering for the new 4-week online course from CVC.
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