June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Developing an Effective Online Teaching Practice

Effective Practices
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Presented by: Pat James, @ONE Facilitator & Part-time Faculty, @ONE and Evergreen Valley College

Speaker Bio:

Since her retirement from the ED of the OEI, Pat has facilitated courses for @ONE. She currently teaches for Evergreen Valley College. Pat has extensive online teaching and management experience. She participated in the development of quality DE design and implementation in the CCCs for more than two decades. She has an AS from Canada College, a BA from the University of California, and an MS in Education (instructional design for online learning) from Capella University, taught digital media at Mt. San Jacinto College, served on the ASCCC executive committee, MSJC DE Coordinator and Dean, and charter member of DECCCA.

Session Info:

As teachers, we must bring human understanding as well as our professional knowledge into our online courses. Much like a doctor or lawyer refer to their work as an evolving “practice”, educators must see their ability to be successful as an evolution that is based on changing times, technology, and what we continually discover about learning. In this session participants will develop and articulate an effective online teaching practice statement that will enable them to integrate a distinctly human presence into their teaching. They also will be able to establish an ongoing plan for continuous revision and improvement as they evolve through their teaching experience. Knowledge and growth of our own practices will lead to being more effective in providing educational opportunities to the diverse population of students we serve.

Session Outcomes:

  • Develop and articulate the components of their current teaching practice.
  • Establish goals for improving their ability to reach and teach the diverse student population of today’s online learners.
  • Create a plan for continuous review and design of effective online teaching practices.

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