June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA


CCC Chancellor Christian
Sonya Christian, PhD

We are honored and pleased to announce that California Community Colleges Chancellor Dr. Sonya Christian will provide a welcome and systemwide update to OTC’24 attendees at the Thursday morning general session.

Sonya Christian, PhD, is a fierce advocate for the life-changing ability of community colleges to reach underserved populations and educate the future workforce. She is committed to advancing work through distributed leadership and collaborative communities of learning, and to promoting the value of equity in student learning, access, success and economic mobility.

For more information on Chancellor Christian, please visit More about the Chancellor.




We’ve lined up some amazing keynote speakers for OTC’24!
Join us at the conference for the two general session presentations on multiple and various topics pertaining to AI.


Dr. Charlotte Nirmalani “Lani” GunawardenaThursday Keynote: Dr. Charlotte “Lani” Gunawardena

AI and the Next Frontier of Higher Education: Access, Applications, Research, and Hallucinations

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) models has stirred up controversy and speculation about their role in higher education, bringing up age-old online education issues such as students cheating.  Rather than viewing AI as a threat to education, we need to understand the potential of AI and how we can harness it to support learning. This presentation will address some of the controversies and discuss how user-friendly AI models can provide access to learning and democratize knowledge in diverse sociocultural contexts.

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Dr. Maya Ackerman
Friday Keynote: Dr. Maya Ackerman

Navigating the Wave of Generative AI: Principles, Limitations & Ethics

In the wake of Generative AI’s surging popularity, it’s crucial to educate our students on this emerging technology and steer them clear of potential pitfalls. This talk will delve into the origins of generative AI, and discuss foundational principles that provide insight into the inherent value and limitations of this exciting technology. Additionally, the talk will offer a unique lens at AI ethics, urging not only for ethical advancements in AI itself but also for leveraging AI to cultivate a more ethical society.

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