June 17-19
Anaheim, CA

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Pre Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops & Distance Education Coordinators Retreat
Monday, June 17, 2019 | Hilton Anaheim

Pre-conference offerings coming soon!

Registration for Distance Education Coordinators Retreat available now!
CCC DECO is requiring annual membership dues be paid in order to register for the DE Coordinators Retreat at OTC’19. Please see their information below on how to pay their dues. Once the dues payment has been processed by DECO they will send a registration link to you so you can register for their Retreat. The link will allow you to register for the Retreat only, or both the Retreat and the OTC conference.

DECO membership dues are only required to register for the DE Retreat – it is not required to pay DECO dues in order to register for the conference. Registration for the conference is open and can be found here: Register for OTC’19.

Full-day Workshops

Distance Education Coordinators Retreat
8:00am – 4:30pm
By invitation only
Includes breakfast and lunch
Retreat attendance is free, but is limited to CCC DECO members. Individual membership is $25 per year. Institutional membership is $100 for up to 5 people at your institution. In order to become a member, or to renew your membership, please download the 2019-20 Membership Registration Form, complete and return it with payment as indicated. Once your DECO membership fees have been paid, you will receive registration link from DECO and be able to register for the DE Coordinators Retreat event at OTC.Please email membership@cccdeco.org with any questions.

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