June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Content Committee

Thank you for volunteering to be on the OTC’24 Content Committee!
I respect your time and will endeavor to keep this process efficient for you. I appreciate your willingness to contribute to OTC!

This page is meant for committee members only, please keep the links to yourself. You will find the flexible timeline, processes, and links to submit a theme and keynote suggestions below (as time appropriate). Instructions for reviewing/scoring proposal submissions can be found below. If you have questions, please email me at thickey@palomar.edu. Thanks again!

Sylvia Amitoelau
Coastline College (1)
Debbie Lou Angeles
Porterville College (2)
Cheryl Aschenbach
Lassen College (3)
Nicole Avina
Bakersfield College (4)
Lisa Beach
Santa Rosa Junior College (5)
Gregory Beyrer
Cosumnes River College (6)
Anthony Breakspear
UC Santa Cruz (1)
Brianne Brichacek
Shasta College (2)
Jessica Bush
Santa Rosa Junior College (3)
Shawna Bushell
Riverside CCD (3)
Mauricio Cadavid
CSU San Bernardino (5)
Don Carlisle
Cabrillo College (6)
Katie Datko
Mt. SAC (1)
Dolores Davison
Foothill College (2)
Alice Dieli
American River College (3)
Julie Gamberg
Glendale College (4)
Bruce Gauthier
Sierra College (5)
James Glapa-Grassklag
College of the Canyons
Cynthia Hamlett
Crafton Hills College (1)
Andrea Hanstein
Jennifer Howze-Owens
College of San Mateo (4)
Patricia James
CVC (4)
Kandace Knudson
Sacramento City College (5)
Christine Miller
Santa Monica College (6)
Matthew Mooney
Santa Barbara City College (1)
John Perez
Canada College (2)
Jasmine Phillips
Compton College (3)
Gregory Ramirez
Madera Community College (4)
Tanessa Sanchez
Palomar College (5)
Tracy Schaelen
Southwestern College (6)
Joy Shoemate
College of the Canyons (1)
Iolani Sodhy-Gereben
Laney College (2)
Sasa Stojic-Ito
Amanda Taintor
Reedley College (4)
Xochitl Tirado
Imperial Valley College (5)
Lene Whitley-Putz
Foothill College (6)
Lynette Williamson
Santa Barbara City College (6)

Responsibilities of the committee: 

  • Submit theme recommendations. 
  • Submit keynote topics and speaker recommendations based on current hot topics in education. 
  • Review pre-conference workshop proposals make recommendations. 
  • Review session proposals and make selections for OTC’24 sessions. 

OTC’24 Theme Suggestions (November 1 – November 30, 2023)
This committee is in charge of creating a list of potential conference themes. The list will close November 17 at which time I’ll set up a voting process and if necessary, a committee meeting to discuss the top 5 options and select one.
Submit a Theme suggestion – closes November 17, 2023 (CLOSED)
Vote for a Theme – closes 5pm on December 7, 2023


 Keynote Speakers Recommendations (November 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024)
This committee is responsible for creating a list of potential keynote speakers and topicsThis list will close January 15, 2024, so vetting can take place. Once the recommendations are vetted, I will ask for feedback on options via the shared document.
Submit a Keynote speaker suggestion (speaker name or topic) – closes January 15, 2024


Call for Proposals and Pre-Conference Workshops (December 1, 2023 – March 2024)
Early Acceptance: submissions must be received by November 30, 2023 (notifications sent January 2-10) 

  • Committee members receive session and pre-conference workshop proposals for review: December 4 
  • Committee members review/score proposals: December 5-13 (extended one day)  
  • Feedback due from committee members: midnight December 13 (extended one day)
  • Committee members recommendations for pre-conference workshops due: midnight December 13 (extended one day)
  • OTC reviews feedback with team: December 18 
  • Selections Finalized: December 19 

 Call for Proposals closes: January 31, 2024 (notifications sent March 1-8) 

  • Committee members receive proposals for review: February 5  
  • Committee members review/score proposals: February 6-16 
  • Feedback due from committee members/team lead: February 20 
  • OTC reviews feedback with team leads: February 22-23 
  • Selections Finalized: February 26 

Please note that being part of this committee does not prevent you from submitting your own proposals. In fact, we encourage you to submit and share the call for proposals with your colleagues! To keep the process equitable, we will exclude you from reviewing your own proposal should you be assigned to the group reviewing it.  

Instructions for Proposal Review 

    1. Where can I find the proposals I need to review/score? You should have received a “Team email” with a spreadsheet of your assigned proposals for reviewing attached, (teams will be reviewing the same proposals). All primary information related to each session is in the first worksheet tab and presenter details are listed are in the second worksheet tab, (both sets of information are listed by proposal number). Each team member will individually score and submit the proposals (deadline is midnight December 13). If one of your proposals has responded “yes” to the question to be considered for a pre-conference workshop, please review and score the same as the other submissions. TechConnect will evaluate the pre-conference optional sessions based on the Committee’s score, availability, space, and other related factors.
    2. What team am I on? Please see the “Team email”. You can also see the chart above, at the end of your name is a number indicating what team you’ve been assigned to.
    3. What track am I reviewing for? The proposals have not been separated into tracks – each team will be reviewing proposals submitted under various tracks. If you think a proposal is better suited under a different track that the submitter suggested, please note that in your comments.
    4. Where do I submit my scoring? In that “Team email” there is a link to access the scoring form.
    5. How do I score the proposals? Please use the rubric provided on the scoring form for the main review with the understanding that not everything can be covered using the rubric; please be sure to use the “comments” section for your notes when scoring.
    6. Do I have to complete all reviews at the same time/in one sitting? No, you can save your work at anytime and return to where you left off at a later time. Simply click the “Save” button on the review form; a link will become available in a pop up that you can copy and you will also receive an email (to the address you provided on the form) with a link to resume.
    7. Will there be an opportunity to discuss as a committee before final selections are finalized? Yes, an invite to the discussion meeting on Monday, December 18 at 1:00-2:30pm was sent to the committee. I realize that it’s the holiday season and thus may be difficult to attend that meeting. If you are unable to make it, please note that I will review and share the comments you included in your notes.
Three final notes at this point:
  1. I don’t have team leads assigned for this early acceptance review. If you would be interested in being a team lead for the second round, please send me an email.  I will assign as first come to each team and indicate the person in bold in the above chart.
  2. If you did not receive an email with the above-mentioned information, please let me know asap.

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