June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Steps to Building Effective and Accessible Course Design

Friday June 19th, 2020 at 11:10 am - 12:00 pm

Presenter: Liesl Madrona, M.Ed. Specialized in Learning Design & Technology

Description: Begin your semester with a strong foundation to support student success with accessible course design. Provide all of your learners an equitable learning environment with proven effective steps you can implement in your course today! Developing an inclusive online course is another layer of design that takes time and effort. You may ask yourself: What are five simple things I can do in my Canvas course now? How should I approach incorporating publisher content? What if I use gorgeous-looking inaccessible syllabus PDFs as handouts to my students? How should I caption videos I don’t own? Should I be providing audio description for all of my videos? Wait, what does ‘audio description’ mean? How do I align my course to be compliant – there are so many laws, but what do they mean to me? What are some tools that can help me evaluate my course and make my life easier?!

Join Liezl, California Community Colleges Accessibility Center’s Instructional Designer, as she answers these questions and provides initial solutions for addressing accessible Canvas course content. Streamline your workflow to quickly create accessible courses and organize your accessibility efforts.

Free digital goodies exclusive to participants: brand new adaptable and accessible Canvas course layouts and more free downloadable Windows and Mac-friendly resources like Canvas HTML codes to refresh and organize your course content.

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PowerPoint Presentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1shrLTyg2s67nSCEt2olVw4Y4pDVaHKKjfpORjeH9yEg/preview?pru=AAABcvIAGiI*lQZpDj5aqKWI_d4j5Q19xA
Resource Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1shrLTyg2s67nSCEt2olVw4Y4pDVaHKKjfpORjeH9yEg/preview?pru=AAABcvIAGiI*lQZpDj5aqKWI_d4j5Q19xA

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