June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Evolution of My Corequisites Courses: From F2F to Online and Back

Support and Resources
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In this presentation I would like to share with colleagues my journey with teaching corequisite classes and the transformation that my classes went through in the last 4 years. During this period, I taught corequisite support face-to-face then due to the pandemic transitioned online, and now planning to go back to face-to-face. My experience with Corequisite courses began in 2018 at MiraCosta where I was given an opportunity to teach Business Calculus with a corequisite support course. That experience in the early stage of the statewide transition prepared me for the potential challenges of reforming the college’s academic support strategy. Since then, I have successfully implemented that know-how and taught a variety of courses with corequisite support at multiple institutions. Recently, I designed and developed a corequisite course for Introductory Statistics that includes a collection of eighteen weekly discussions with unique prompts targeting the development of basic study skills. I also created a bank of 100+ questions targeting the development of basic math skills for just-in-time remediation and improving the students’ confidence.

In this presentation I would like to share the tools that I used to create the support course and potentially learn more about other faculty approaches through Q&A. My goal is to share my story and gather some feedback in a continuous effort to improve the quality of my corequisite courses.

Session Outcome:

  • Design a comprehensive support course.
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