June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Beyond Theory: A Practical Approach to Trauma-Informed Teaching & Learning


In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, how will we welcome our students and colleagues to our institutions and classrooms this year and beyond? What can we, as educators, possibly do to help attend to their mental health needs and ameliorate their exhaustion and distress, while at the same time, intentionally engaging in self-care? In this keynote, we will consider the power of knowledge; how understanding the neuroscience of toxic stress empowers us to self-regulate and help our students cope, engage, connect, and learn. We will examine the principles and practical examples of equity-centered trauma-informed approaches and reflect on the connections between trauma-informed education, healing, and restorative justice. Join us and come away with concrete strategies you can use in your own courses and contexts to help your students’ learning and success.

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