June 26-28, 2024
Long Beach, CA

Best Practices: Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Online Classroom

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Presented by: Dr. Rebekah Dyer, Full Professor, Grand Canyon University

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Rebekah Dyer is a Full Professor and the Inclusion and Accessibility Chair in the college of education at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. The courses that she teaches focus on special education. She is the faculty advisor for two clubs on campus: Best Buddies and Canyon Inclusive. Both clubs focus on the inclusion of individuals with disabilities and host an annual Disability Awareness/Acceptance event. She is the current president of the AZ Neuro-Diversity Inclusivity Parent Teacher Student Association (NDI-PTSA). This organization was formed to support districts and schools in the state of Arizona in understanding and supporting neurodiversity.

Session Info:

The online student population includes a variety of learning needs and styles. Regardless of the class modality, instructors must provide an equitable learning experience for all students. Students with disabilities may require specific learning supports in order to be successful. Instructors can implement differentiated instruction Universal Design for Learning strategies to present the course content. This presentation will review the needs of students with disabilities in the online classroom and learn effective strategies to support them.

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand the specific needs of students with disabilities in the online classroom.
  • Implement effective teaching strategies to set all students up for success, regardless of any differences.
  • Design virtual experiences that will meet the needs of all learners.

Session Resources:

Best Practices Supporting Students with Disabilities DYER (1)

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