June 29 – July 1
Long Beach, CA

Federal update – Compliance for Digital Learning and Distance Education

Leadership and Administration
All Audiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on many state and federal regulatory requirements related to digital learning and interstate activities of the institution. Institution faculty and staff are often surprised by the responsibilities that must be met. This session is an extension of our previous presentation the “50+ Ways to Regulate: Foundations of Out-of-State Activity Compliance. Recent regulations regarding distance education and professional programs tie compliance to the institution’s participation in Title IV Federal Financial Aid. In this supplementary session, we will focus on Federal regulations that became effective in 2020 and 2021 as well as give an update on the most recent outcomes of the U.S. Department of Education negotiated rulemaking committee. We will provide the required elements of Federal regulations when serving students at a distance, programs leading to a professional license, and through digital learning. Included will be a discussion of regular and substantive interaction, substantive change issues, and student identification verification. Federal rulemaking will be explained, and procedural timelines shared for any future Federal regulations. This session will provide ample time to answer participant questions and engage in discussion of experiences at their institutions. Participants will leave the session with resources that summarize federal distance education regulations as well as a list of sources for further reference.

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand Federal regulations released in 2020 (ex. Definition: State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, State Authorization of Distance Education, Professional Licensure Notification Requirements).
  • Understand Federal regulations released in 2021 (ex. Definition: Distance Education – regular and substantive interaction).
  • Prepare for any future requirements that may develop as an outcome of the 2022 Federal Negotiated Rulemaking Committee.
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