June 21-23
Virtual, online event

OTC’21 Pre-conference workshops

Pre-conference workshops* will take place Monday, June 21st. ‘Pre-conference workshops’ are different from ‘conference sessions‘ in that the ‘workshops’ are limited in the number of attendees to allow for more specific instruction and interaction.

Please note:  Registration for the OTC conference is not required to attend the pre-conference workshops or the DECO Retreat

Monday, June 21st | 9a-12pm
Making the Move from Grading to Learning – Beginner to Intermediate
Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Faculty Mentor, Online Teaching & Learning, CVC-@ONE
Helen Graves, Instructional Designer, CVC-@ONE
Suzanne Wakim, Biology Faculty, Butte College
Holly Schiefelbein, Biology Faculty, Cerritos College, Golden West College, and Long Beach City College

What is the purpose of grading? Why do you assess student learning the way that you do? The decisions we make about how we teach and how our students learn are influenced by cultural norms, as well as our own past educational experiences – and they often leave many students out. In this 3-hour workshop, you will reflect on your grading and assessment practices to ensure they align with your teaching values and give all students opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and succeed in your course. By the end, you will acquire strategies to prioritize learning as a growth-process fostered through low-stake, authentic assessments and more equitable grading approaches.

Monday, June 21st | 9a-12pm
Course Design Toolbox (OTC ’21 Exclusive Edition) – Beginner to Intermediate
Liesl Boswell, Instructional Designer Accessibility Expert, CCC Accessibility Center

“The power to do good is also the power to do harm.” -Milton Friedman Canvas provides your students with an immersive experience, and now with the New Rich Content Editor, you have more power to transform your blank course shell into something captivating…and effective. With the amount of freedom you may have to create your course from scratch (this may be a blessing or a curse), keep in mind that your formatting choices can affect the way some of your students interpret or access essential information in your course. Join Liesl, CCC Accessibility Center Instructional Designer, for this unique lightning workshop on course design basics:

  • Learn course layout principles to create functional, professional courses
  • Learn & apply basic codes to enhance content delivery
  • Locate & download free, new exclusive access to updated digital goodies
Monday, June 21st | 1-3pm
Learn Canvas Basics while Creating Accessible Canvas Pages – Beginner
Cheryl Chapman, Instructional Designer, California Virtual Campus
Shawn Valćarcel, Instructional Designer, California Virtual Campus

Are you new to online teaching and don’t know where to start? In the first hour, we will showcase our “Getting Started in Canvas” 5-Day Challenge course and during the second hour, we will showcase our “Creating Accessible Canvas Content” 5-Day Challenge course. The resources provided will assist your learning even after this workshop! We will walk you through each course module, demonstrate the skills needed and let you practice on your own with our guidance! This will be a fun and interactive way to start your journey to an accessible and well organized Canvas course for your students!

Monday, June 21st | 1-4pm
Gaming Your Online Class for Student Engagement – Beginner to Intermediate
Jim Marteney, Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies

Instead of just transferring a face-to-face class to an online format, learn how to use online tools to create a more effective learning experience by applying gaming strategies and competency based grading to your online course. As in an online game, you can create engaging levels that need to be mastered before a student can move on to the next level. In doing so, you appeal to a student’s intrinsic motivation to succeed and not just their extrinsic motivation to earn a grade. Be prepared to redesign your course into a real online learning experience. Attend this workshop to learn how to use Canvas tools to transform a class into an online game to create an engaging learning experience that will keep your students in the “game” and on their way to achieving their goals.

Monday, June 21st | 1-4pmblack, blue, grey logo with DECO lettering "California Community Colleges DECO, Distance Education Coordinators' Organization"
Distance Education Coordinators Organization (DECO) Annual Retreat
The CCC Distance Education Coordinators Organization Annual Retreat is part of the pre-conference activities of the Online Teaching Conference. The Retreat includes important updates and conversations on policies, technology and practices that affect DE Coordinators and their campuses.

You must register for this free event if you plan to attend as only registered attendees will be admitted.

Limited to California Community Colleges’ Distance Education Coordinators

*OTC’21 will be a virtual conference, sessions and pre-conference workshops will be presented via TechConnect Zoom. Captioning will be provided for all pre-conference workshops and sessions via the “Live Transcription” option within Zoom. A chat feature, (written), will be available throughout the entire conference for Q&A, questions, and networking.

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