June 19-21
Anaheim, CA

Elizabeth Kelsey, RDN

Elizabeth Kelsey, RDN is the owner of a nutrition consulting practice in Palm Desert and has been adjunct faculty at College of the Desert for the past 35 years. Although clinical nutrition has been the focus of her professional career, ever since undergraduate studies at San Diego State University she has had the philosophy that the best way to improve a person’s nutrition is to “educate them as young as possible”. It is for this reason that she has always taught part time at COD. Elizabeth has gradually transition for total in class teaching, to hybrid and is now completely teaching online. Staying in touch with students on a more personal level, while teaching online has lead Elizabeth to investigate ways that not only her students, but she can, stay actively engaged in her student’s learning experience.

Elizabeth Kelsey, RDN

Adjuct Faculty

College of the Desert


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