June 17-19
Pasadena, CA

You’re DE Certified! Now What? Cultivating Confidence

Tuesday June 18th, 2019 at 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Leadership and Administration
Experienced Participants

New DE Faculty can build confidence through cultivating institutional connection, community, hands-on support, as well as streamlined asynchronous learning tools. Shared results of our beta-tested institutional support will showcase two seemingly divergent approaches [will be shared]: (1) High-touch, highly personalized help in the form of an Online Learning Sherpa – a personalized instructional coach, and (2) fully asynchronous, streamlined supportive remediation in online instruction in the form 3-2-1 Go!, a countdown series for faculty planning a new course. Strategies, examples and satisfaction survey results of both approaches will be shared.

Session Outcomes:
• Support institutional solutions in overcoming confidence barriers for new DE faculty.
• Assist campus DE leadership in taking an accountable role in ensuring DE faculty development.
• Develop tools, strategies, and effective practices in transitioning new DE faculty from certified to actively teaching online.

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