June 17-19
Virtual, online only event

Yes, Shift Happens: Examining the Online Learning Paradigm Shift to Rethink Teaching and Learning

San Simeon
Effective Practices
Experienced Participants
Presentation / Lecture

New ideas and technologies are rarely transformative–instead they build from existing structures, which often limit possibilities. Online course design is often tied to traditional synchronous classroom practices in ways that limit transformative teaching and learning.

In this session, we’ll look at new ways to conceive the online teaching and learning experience, imagining news ways to engage students, create and present content, and assess learning. We’ll explore ways to add meaningful and engaging formative assessment that redefines the roles of student and teacher. Be prepared to start a new chapter in your online course design and teaching, because the old model is, well, old.

Session Outcomes:
• Rethink the structure of their online courses.
• Develop formative assessments that support rich engagement
• Toss out costly publisher material

Session Presentation/Resources:
WHITLEY-PUTZ – Yes, Shift Happens

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