June 18-20
Anaheim, CA

The Secret Sauce: Closing the Gap in Success Rates Between F2F and Online Courses (Webcast)

Tuesday June 19th, 2018 at 1:10 pm - 1:10 pm
Pacific Ballroom
Effective Practices

Statewide, colleges often struggle with differences in retention and success rates between face-to-face and online courses, and these differences can be upwards of 10%, with online courses lagging behind their on-campus counterparts. Saddleback College now offers nearly a quarter of all sections online, up from 17% in 2012-13. Retention rates are the same as F2F courses for the nearly 1300 sections offered at the college. Moreover, success rates, which were 7.5% apart in 2012-2013 are now less than 2% apart. What makes Saddleback unique in its ability to close these gaps between online and face-to-face retention and success rates? This session will describe the institutional infrastructure that has continued to support online education at the college, including a thriving Faculty Center, and a collaborative online education team that supports quality growth.

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