June 17-19
Pasadena, CA

Regular Effective Contact in Distance Education

Tuesday June 18th, 2019 at 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Santa Monica
Effective Practices
Novice Participants
Presentation / Lecture

We hear a lot about “Regular Effective Contact” in online courses – but what does it mean? Why do we need it, and how can we make sure we have it? This session will help you understand the laws governing this hot topic in Distance Education, as well as how the OEI Course Design Rubric defines both Instructor-to-Student and Student-to-Student contact. Participants will be provided with a detailed rubric that builds on the OEI’s Course Interaction guidelines and offers 25 tips to create connections and boost your class from effective to exemplary!

Session Outcomes:
• Understand how Regular Effective Contact is defined at the Federal, State, and local levels.
• Identify whether their course currently meets the OEI Course Design Rubric’s standards for Instructor-to-Student contact and Student-to-Student contact.
• Walk away with a Regular Effective Contact rubric based on the OEI rubric’s Section B (Course Interaction) – including 25 examples of how to achieve Regular Effective Contact using tools in Canvas (i.e., easy things you can do in your Syllabus, Announcements, Discussions, SpeedGrader, ConferZoom).

Session Presentation/Resources:
AZARRO – Regular Effective Contact 1 of 2
AZARRO – Regular Effective Contact 2 of 2

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