June 17-19
Virtual, online only event

OnlineU! Developing a CVC-OEI Rubric-Centered Training Program

Palos Verdes
Support and Resources
Novice Participants

In 2018, De Anza College became one of the schools included in the equity-focused cohort of the CVC-OEI. While devising a strategy to determine how courses would be selected for course review, the team at the Online Education Center ran into the following question: What resources do we have for people who need more assistance before submitting their courses for peer review? How do we address the needs of faculty who are teaching fully online while still being responsive to the needs of faculty who are teaching hybrid? How do we help faculty who teach face-to-face, but want to incorporate more elements of Canvas in order to enhance their course?

Our solution was OnlineU: A cohort-based training program that is aligned with the CVC-OEI rubric. Through completing this training, fully online faculty are better prepared for the course review process. At the same time, this training gives more opportunities for faculty who simply want to improve the online components of their class, whether they’re fully online or not.

In this session, the presenters will walk participants through the process of designing such a training program, describe challenges and foster a discussion around best practices in regards to designing professional development for faculty. Ideally, participants should walk away with an idea of how to design a similar training program on their campus, as well as the support needed to do such.

Session Outcomes:
• Develop a framework for designing a CVC-OEI centered rubric training.
• Apply the OEI-Rubric to faculty training for online classes.

Session Presentation/Resources:

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