June 17-19
Virtual, online only event

Online Course Development & Delivery: Science Labs

Palos Verdes
Effective Practices
Novice Participants

The lack of online science lab courses has become a serious bottleneck for students who need or want to earn their degrees entirely online. During this panel discussion, attendees will hear how their faculty colleagues at other California colleges have designed, developed, and delivered science lab courses fully online. Best practices will be offered and challenges will be noted, along with potential solutions (e.g., how students can experience rich lab experiences virtually or using various lab kit options available). OER materials will also be explored. I will moderate the discussion with three faculty panelists who are or recently have taught online science lab courses that meet CSU and UC general education requirements.

Session Outcomes:
• Describe how the addition of online science lab courses will help more students complete their degrees and more quickly.
• Design and develop online science lab courses for effective online delivery.
• Deliver online science lab courses for most effective learning and student engagement.

Session Presentation/Resources:
NASH – Online Course Development Science

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