June 17-19
Pasadena, CA

Novice Mistakes Most New Online Instructor Make

Wednesday June 19th, 2019 at 11:00 am - 11:50 am
El Capitan
Effective Practices
Novice Participants
Presentation / Lecture

This session will highlight key mistakes many new online instructors make and how to correct avoid them from the start. If you are new to teaching online this session may be for you. The presenter will share mistakes made within her first year of teaching online and simple ways to correct them. Topics will include Canvas content development, the art of communicating with students, strategies to successfully post live lecture video/feeds, and much more. The presenter may have wasted time unnecessarily during her first year, but you don’t have too. Come learn from her mistakes! Learn simple effective strategies to be successful during your first year online and spend more time cultivating connections, building community and teaching your course content. This class is geared for the newbie, however seasoned professionals may learn something new and/or share their own mistakes and provide helpful suggestions for correction.

Session Outcomes:
• Navigate sections of Canvas with better ease and confidence.
• List of additional free online resources to help build various components of their course.
• How to prepare students for better knowledge of course expectations and procedures.

Session Presentation/Resources:

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