June 19-21
Anaheim, CA

Making Film & Video Production Management Classes a Success with Online Collaboration Tools.

Tuesday June 20th, 2017 at 3:20 pm - 4:10 pm
Technology Innovation
Novice Participants
Experienced Participants

Traditionally, Film & Video Production Management Courses at the University are taught using the standard Lecture/Discussion, Face-to-Face Model.  Students are required to physically attend class, develop Production Teams and meet independently away from the scheduled “class time.”

This session will demonstrate how to bring Film & Video Production Management Courses into the 21st Century through the use of blended or hybrid models — which are defined by the Online Learning Consortium as classes in which 30-90 percent of the content is delivered online.  This session will present how to effectively use limited face-to-face instruction, extensive virtual face-to-face online learning (through the use of Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, etc.), and effective student presentations demonstrating understanding by the use of Videoconferencing Tools.

When Industry Standard Online Collaboration Tools are utilized as instructional methods, students are demanding — and liking — such creative courses that use these tools to teach Film & Video Production Management and other Production Courses.

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