June 17-19
Anaheim, CA

Instructor Presence…Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Tuesday June 19th, 2018 at 11:00 am - 11:50 am
Palos Verdes
Effective Practices

Quick Start Guide to Becoming a Video Wizard! Online users aged 18-24 years spend 37 hours per month consuming online videos! Video is an engaging and effective medium to deliver learning content to students, but creating videos can be intimidating. In this session, learn how you can incorporate video into your courses in practical ways that will enhance your instructional materials and improve student engagement! The session will demonstrate how to use video to welcome your students, how to provide a course syllabus tour video and how to include assessment questions in your video to check student knowledge within the video. This session will also cover how to leverage video for lecture capture, whether from a face to face class lecture or lesson videos for online course assignments. These elements will allow students to feel more connected with you as an instructor, and you can also measure student engagement with viewing analytics and grades linked to the gradebook. Additionally, you will discover how to get students involved through video assignments. Offering video creation as an option for students to show what they know can be effective and engaging. Students will be video wizards too!

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