June 17-19
Anaheim, CA

Data Driven Pedagogy

Wednesday June 20th, 2018 at 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Effective Practices

The term pedagogy evokes a personal sense of classroom instruction and method. In the online format, the struggle to identify key interaction feedback that is innately present during face-to-face contact presents a unique need for a new-technological based solution. At the campus of Cerro Coso Community College, a new partnership has formed between individual faculty desiring to increase student success in the online classroom and the Distance Education Director’s desire for programmatic success. The ability to translate campus wide data into concrete pedagogical classroom changes has previously eluded instructors and administrators; however, using an independently developed client written LTI script  catered to pull specific data directly from canvas in conjunction with tradition scorecard measurements, solves this problem.  Within this presentation, both a Faculty and DE Director will give personal testimony, data, and concrete solutions to changing the online pedagogy based on individual student participation data within a classroom, and show results! The new partnership experience has opened a previously unknown path to enhancing in-class changes that are scale-able.   The presenters will clearly show the relationship between Canvas’ mine-able data (from their LTI) and their relationship to traditional campus metrics. Mapping the impact of these data will speak to both Faculty and Administrators alike in their interdependent use of the information.   This presentation will follow the path of client side LTI data tool creation, experimentation, necessary partnerships, faculty implementation, and concrete use in three critical areas of the online classroom that have resulted in direct, measurable changes in the Canvas classroom, with actual results shown.   For Faculty, weekly metrics can now expand to show whether students are actively participating, or just consuming in the course. Per student, course clicks on areas such as grades, quizzes, discussion access, etc. With these, the presenters will show how real world data driven changes have affected the online classroom pedagogy for the better, and with concrete measurable results. Reviewing four semesters of data, over multiple courses we will give recommendations and hands on guidance to implement these changes. As an added bonus, we will demonstrate our finding of how the process of aligning a course to the OEI rubric could increase student engagement as an effective practice.  For Administrators, the partnerships explored with Faculty on the basis of applicable classroom data can lead to an effective and engaging culture on campus. Client side script writing and sub-account level organization are critical components to success and will be discussed in detail and relation to SLO/PLO/ILO and eLumen integration.   Understanding which data is directly applicable in the classroom, or on the program based level, can be extrapolated to the necessary partnerships with key employees, faculty chairs, or professional development of adjunct faculty for a scale-able methodology.

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