June 17-19
Virtual, online only event

Creating Online STEM SmartPen Lectures on Your Mobile Device

Technology Innovation
Experienced Participants
Presentation / Lecture

Until recently the technology for conveying abstract STEM material online was limited, requiring advanced equipment and specialized skills. But not anymore. With a creative application of one tool that fits in your shirt pocket, designing and presenting an online STEM course can be made as easy as the stroke of a pen! Its simplicity lies in discovering a functional utilization of the SmartPen. These micro-computers are not just for your students anymore. With a good LMS – Learning Management System – (think Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, etc) creation of the entire lecture portion of your course can be easily mastered. At any location away from your computer you will be able to prepare the material via a series of brief audio-enabled pencast examples (which I refer to as VidEx’s) that are uploaded to YOUTUBE and organized for student consumption via your LMS.

YOUTUBE and students is a perfect coupling. They love their YOUTUBE like some of us once loved our MTV! It is a platform with which they are completely comfortable, be it on their desktop, laptop, tablet, cellphone or smartwatch.

In my conference presentation we will learn how to create our own VidEx’s for student access outside of the classroom where students are able to view, review, rewind, take notes at their leisure and post questions about material content. This simple technology can also be used to answer student STEM questions online. Detailed instruction will be provided on how to develop your own pencast, store them on your laptop, edit them (if desired, but not necessary), upload them to YOUTUBE, and organize them on your LMS platform via hyperlinks. And there will be no need to take tons of notes at this conference session, as there will be a pdf tutorial link available at the end of the presentation.

Session Outcomes:
• Create customized STEM audio-enabled video pencast.
• Upload pencast to YOUTUBE account.
• Design structured LMS platform for student access.

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