June 19-21
Anaheim, CA

Creating a Library Presence in Canvas

Tuesday June 20th, 2017 at 10:00 am - 10:50 am
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As California’s community colleges adopt the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) as part of the state’s Online Education Initiative (OEI), librarians have new opportunities to bring library research and information literacy instruction into the online environment. Sponsored by the Council of Chief Librarians, Erin Daniels and Phyllis Usina, librarians at Santa Rosa Junior College, have prepared a guide that identifies ways in which commonly available library services, resources and programs can be integrated into Canvas. Called, Creating a Library Presence in Canvas, this guide contains features that can be implemented at different levels of the Canvas LMS, including Systemwide, Global Navigation, Course Navigation, Module Level or Page Level. In addition, the authors created digital examples of those resources that lend themselves to replication by preparing a public Canvas course. This session will highlight ways instructors and course designers can work with librarians to integrate information literacy support and access to library resources into the online learning environment.

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