June 19-21
Anaheim, CA

Connecting Outcome Data with Demographics Using Canvas (archive)

Tuesday June 20th, 2017 at 10:00 am - 10:50 am
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The ACCJC Standard 1.B.6 states “The institution disaggregates and analyzes learning outcomes and achievement for subpopulations of students.” The software packages that connect student learning outcomes with demographic data are often cost prohibitive for many colleges. During the spring 2016 semester, College of the Redwoods (CR) ran a small pilot to test both the technical aspects of Canvas data collection, as well the utility of the process from the instructor’s perspective. At the end of the pilot it was clear that the Canvas outcomes tool streamlined the Student Learning Outcome(SLO) data collection process, connected assessment data with student demographics, and also simplified the housing of artifacts. In this session, we will discuss the collection of SLO data in Canvas for use by the institutional in order to help meet accreditation standards. We will look at the assessment process from both the administrative and instructional perspectives. This includes setting up the outcomes at the account level, importing the outcomes into a Canvas course, configuring assessments, and connecting them to outcomes. If your institution is interested in an uncomplicated and cost effective way to gather SLO data, this might be the session for you.

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