June 18-20
Anaheim, CA

Building Accessibility in Online Courses

Technology Innovation

Canvas is the LMS being used by many of California Community Colleges and it is accessible.So why is there suddenly so much emphasis on making online courses “accessible”? It seems like accessibility has become one of the hottest topics in online course development. The reason is because the course content must be accessible. Accessibility is the bridge that makes course content available to all students. This presentation identifies common accessibility concerns whether designing or reviewing a course. Ranging from why accessibility is important (it’s the law!), to understanding why it’s the right thing to do, to what does accessibility look like, to sharing with the audience many resources that will help faculty build accessibility in their courses. With Canvas and many other LMS’s, integrating accessibility is easiest at the course design stage. Accessibility features within Canvas will be touched on as well as accessibility elements that are recommended to be integrated into every course.

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