June 17-19
Virtual, online only event

“Anyone there?”: Fostering a Classroom Community Through Professor Presence.

El Capitan
Effective Practices
Novice Participants
Presentation / Lecture

In this session, we will discuss the positive impact the presence of a professor can have in cultivating a classroom community in the digital world of online learning. Having the benefit of teaching and learning in a digital world, can sometimes create an unwieldly lack of communication between the students and the professor. This lack of communication can deter from creating the energized learning environment that tends to be easily cultivated in a physical room. Whether it is audio, written, or visual communication, the presence of a professor creates this human connection in a computer operated classroom. As an effective online teaching practice, the presence of a professor offers the possibility of an increase in student engagement as well as active participation without the need of a physical space. Testimonials of online professors who have increased their presence in their course will be provided for the audience.

In addition, this interactive presentation will provide the audience with technological resources and tools that have been used by faculty teaching online in our university, Florida International University. Screencastify, Arc, and Zoom samples will be presented as different tools that have been used to increase the presence of professor and increase student engagement in the online classroom.

Session Outcomes:
• Discuss the benefits of increasing professor presence in an online classroom.
• Operate useful tools that can be used for their online courses.
• Compare the different forms of communication to can enhance the presence of a professor in an online course.

Session Presentation/Resources:
FERNANDEZ – Anyone There

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