June 17-19
Anaheim, CA

15 Tips to Engage, Guide, and Connect with Your Online Students (Encore Session)

Wednesday June 20th, 2018 at 10:00 am - 10:50 am
Effective Practices

Come to this presentation to hear how one community college has developed an approach to engage students, guide them in their online educational journey, and build connections while creating a dynamic and equitable community of learning. We have found that the online teaching and learning environment provides the perfect platform for applying strategies and tools to create an inclusive learning experience which meets the needs of our diverse community college population. At American River College, the Distance Education team works with faculty to help them create quality online courses that align with the OEI Course Design Rubric, and assist them in honing their teaching skills in order create a learning environment that promotes student success. We do that through the workshops, drop-in labs, and semester-long cohort training opportunities including our Online Teaching Institute, our OEI Rubric Academy, and our Accessible Course Creation Academy. We have encapsulated all these learning experiences into three key concepts which we believe are essential to a high-quality online learning environment – Engagement, Guidance, and Connection. In this presentation, participants will hear video interview clips with veteran ARC online instructors and receive practical suggestions on how to integrate the concepts into hybrid or online courses. At the end of the session, there will be time for Q & A. Participants will leave with 15 useful tips they can apply right away to increase student success. Resources related to this presentation will be made available with a bitly link.

Click the link to follow the presentation along on your computer or mobile device RESKE 15 Tips to Engage Guide Connect.

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