July 17-19
Pasadena, CA

Community Zone

Come visit the OTC’19 Community Zone located in the Exhibit Hall. The Community Zone is an informal gathering space meant to help you connect with fellow educators. A place to chat with friends, colleagues and new contacts, or simply recharge in-between sessions and events. Everyone is welcome to stop by during conference hours and use the area as a meet-up spot or unwind with a table top puzzle or activity.

How to make best use of the OTC’19 Community Zone

1. Meet me at the Community Zone!
Schedule a meet-up with fellow attendees. Whether it’s someone you’ve known for years or new friends. Touch base and continue the conversation in the Community Zone!

2. Shared Learning Space
Do you have digital pedagogical tools you can share with fellow attendees? Is there a tool you want to know more about that other attendees may be more familiar with? Post an invitation or request on our mobile event app for other attendees to meet you in the Community Zone and tinker with new learning platforms on your own devices.

3. Continue the Conversation
Want to talk more about the amazing session you just attended? Invite the presenter or fellow attendees to continue the conversation in the Community Zone!

4. Challenge Collaboration
Post a challenge or question on our board with your contact information. Fellow attendees who wish to engage with you on your topic can reach out to you to explore answers and solutions.

5. Table Top Puzzles and Games
Need a little break between sessions or events? Recharge your mind with table top puzzles and games to help improve mental speed and thought processes. Bring a friend or meet a new friend and challenge each other to a quick one on one game while you chitchat and get to know each other!

All conference attendees are welcome in the Community Zone! We invite you to pop in and out as needed and hope you find it to be a space where you can recharge, collaborate and enhance your conference experience.

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